Punjab Indian Restaurant Arlington, MA

punjab glassed in tandoori kitchen
I don't hand out a ton of 5-star reviews, but Punjab sure was good. The restaurant is spacious yet has a cozy vibe, the lighting is soft and warm, and the food is super good. We ordered paneer pakora (love cheese), a tikki chole appetizer (love coriander and chick peas), lamb vindaloo, malai kofta (got 'em medium, but they were too spicy), and some kind of other paneer main dish. Dishes are served over a flame to keep them hot, which was kinda cool. I would've liked to see chai on the menu, but otherwise, I'm a fan.   —2/28/12 Yelp
Punjab continues to be my #1 pick for Indian food anywhere in and around the Boston area. I honestly don't know how to describe how amazingly delicious I think their food is. My boyfriend and I have eaten here numerous times and never, not once, gotten a bad dish. We really want to try other Indian restaurants, and occasionally we do, after much torment and indesicion, but always leave disappointed and wish we had gone to Punjab instead. We have found others that are good, but none measure up to Punjab.  —1/10/10 Urban Spoon
Still the best Indian food in the greater Boston area. Doubling their size several years ago didn't diminish the care they take with their food. Never too greasy, always flavorful with subtle, wonderful use of spice.   — Published in Zagat October 21, 2010